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Lenten Message to all MSC Lay Associates

posted Mar 6, 2011, 10:08 PM by John Lavu   [ updated Mar 8, 2011, 8:27 PM ]

To:          All MSC Lay Associates

Greetings to you all and your families!

Soon we will begin the Lenten Season this year with Ash Wednesday on the 9th of March. The 40 days of lent that will follow are going to be very crucial to all of us before we enter the Holy Week (17/04 – 23/04/11), when we will commemorate the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus our Lord. Let us prepare ourselves by putting a little more emphasis on our spiritual life, prayer life and social life filled with acts of charity and kindness.

Let the Ash that we receive on Wednesday, also remind us of our own human nature. We are created from the soil by God out of His Love, and that this human body of ours will one day return to its original form – dust. By this then, we should, as our calling requires, share that love of God, not only to those close to us, but to everyone.

Many people out there in the communities need help and we are called by the love of God received in our Baptism, to put our arms out and embrace those in need, with that love. Though we may be busy with our day to day work in our offices, at home, in communities, we should find some time to share “a little of what we have” with those in need. Remember that our love comes from God, and when we put our hands out, we are extending that love of God to those we touch.    

We are all on a journey to the Father, and our journey contains the mission entrusted to us by Christ. We did not choose him, but He chose us (“You did not choose me, for

it was I who chose you....” Jn 15:16) so our call is a choice of God and not ours. Hence, we are therefore, obliged to do as he commands. He opened His heart for us on the cross, and so we are filled by the graces that flowed from that pierced heart, to share that love. 

Let me remind us all again of the need for us to journey with His love during this lent, with the thoughts I shared with you all last year. I hope you still remember these few personal questions:

1)      What can I do to bring me closer to the Sacred Heart during this Lenten Season? Have I asked Him to help me in my journey of Formation in this Spirituality?

2)      How have I tried to improve in my Spiritual life since the previous Lenten period?

3)      What activities will I participate in during the next 40 days to help me grow in order that I could celebrate the Paschal Mystery with my mind and heart renewed?

Let us work on our spiritual lives by striving for growth and renewal during this Lenten season. Let us draw strength and courage from the Compassionate Heart of Christ, pierced on the cross, through prayer, sacrifice and community works.

As Lay Associates, we must grow closer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and of His Mother, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, in our Formation. This process should give us a better understanding of the true meaning of the Spirituality of the Sacred Heart.

I would like to encourage everyone to follow the assistance and guidance given by the spiritual directors and animators during the process of formation in 2011. This process does and will take time because, we would really like to feel the presence of that compassionate love of God in us, as we share our lives with our families, workmates, friends, strangers, the young and old, the sick and suffering, the marginalized and even those who hate us.  

I wish you all and your families a Grace-filled Lenten Season, a Blessed Holy Week and Happy Easter Celebrations 2011.

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be Loved Everywhere, Forever! 

John B Lavu

Port Moresby